Going Against the Status Quo On A Regular Basis?

Keep calm, clarity and trust with the wisdom of your seven main chakras.

Let’s raise your energy through chakra wellness.

We offer (digital) chakra readings, programs and balancing tools to

Rock Your Balance,

while building your conscious business.

Our Mission: 

Enable you to find rest in the chaos and growth in the calm, so you can do what you were meant to do; to make the world a better place. 

Don’t know where to start?


Am I:
Trying to get something off the ground? Evaluating my current situation in work, relationships, potential endeavors, or finance? Feeling that I’m standing at a crossroad? Looking for the last pieces to the puzzle? Searching for an answer to move forward?
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Do I want to:
Clarify, understand and handle energy drainers? Learn how to rebalance? Find fulfillment within my private and professional life? Embody who I am to support my vision & mission in life? Align my communication style with those around me? Trust in my intuition and qualities within my personal and professional life?
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Hi, my name is Mai.

I’m a (digital) chakra consultant & reader, entrepreneur and wellbeing advocate.

Right before I hit my thirties, I built a thriving wellness business in less than a year. By letting my seven main chakras guide me along the way, I found calm, growth, confidence and clarity throughout the day.

Now I teach refined rebels how to maintain balance, trust, growth and direction through chakra wellness, while building their conscious business.

What others say:

"I went away more optimistic, clear minded and uplifted."
"Mai has a talent for listening closely, being calm and very direct at the same time. You feel safe to be honest. At first it felt like it might get heavy due to the focus of our reading, but actually - the opposite was true at the end. I went away more optimistic, clear minded and uplifted. And of course, Mai has a knowledge of concrete exercises that you can take away from the conversation." - Indra
"She helped me find my inner sense of self, how to face challenges in everyday life..."
"I visited Mai for a series of consultation sessions and she helped me find my inner sense of self, how to face challenges in everyday life and how to keep my inner voice present in my very hectic life style. The sessions have impacted and supported me beyond words. Thank you Mai of fullest heart!" - Anastasia
"This reading feels like a turning point in my relationship with myself..."
"Right from the start her observations touched me deep. Like "wow this is what I have been feeling for so long" and finally it was acknowledged by someone else. I am so grateful to have been guided by Mai through this process and I am amazed by how receptive, open minded, kind, compassionate and helpful she has been. This reading feels like a turning point in my relationship with myself, resulting in more understanding, peace, compassion, acceptance and as a result, a more positive energy for those around me and for the world." - Bertrand Laborde
"I feel more secure about my decisions and have more energy."
"Atelier Rebalance helped me to make my mind clear so I can figure out my path. She reminded me of my inner strength. This made me feel more secure. In my path in business, love or just life I always come in contact with people who want to tell you what to do, or doubt your decisions. When I talked to Mai in a consultation I always feel more secure about my own decisions and have more energy. The best result of the consultations is that I rely more on my own decisions and that I'm very confident about my power within." - Ghatiedja Khadje

What chakra personality type are you?

Curious to find out which chakra is in command and what it brings to your life?

Cheers to taking the first step to Rock Your Balance.


It may feel overwhelming, but we GOT YOU. 


We can’t wait to meet you through one of the above rebalance tools.


x Mai