Dear Soulpreneur,

let’s align your chakra energy,
with your business strategy,
so you can enjoy freedom & abundance,
doing what you love,
and impact the lives of others.

You Shouldn’t Have to Realize Your Soul’s Mission On Your Own.


You know you want to impact the lives of others and you feel that this is your purpose in life.


But, you probably don’t know what to do to make this happen and build an online coaching business that gives you the freedom, joy and fulfilment you crave.


I’ve been there too, and I understand if you:


01. Are tired of not having the clarity of what you want to do or offer.


02. Feel that you’re incapable of teaching, healing and guiding others or building and growing your business.


03. Don’t know how to apply the (masculine) marketing & sales strategies that is given online or in the (mini) courses you’ve followed and align them with your intuitive (feminine) energy.


04. Need a partner who truly listens to your ideas, sees your qualities and guides you forward towards authentic success.


05. Want to meet likeminded souls, ask each other advice and support each other in self-actualization and making an impact.


If this is you, you’ve arrived in the right digital space.


Atelier Rebalance is the online studio where soulpreneurs learn to reclaim their power, realign with their purpose and learn strategic ways to (re)launch, sell through connection, grow and make an impact with your soulful coaching business.

Hi, my name is Mai.

I’m a holistic business coach, the founder of Atelier Rebalance and the creator of the Soulpreneur Business Academy.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt that I wanted to help heart-centered souls reclaim the power and potential they possess, so they could impact the world around them in their own way.


Before I started, I had no clarity on how to offer this and what to do to attract and work with aligned clients through social media in a non-icky way. The moment I followed my seven main chakras, everything fell into place.


Fast forward to today, I help healers, wellness teachers, coaches and creatives from all over the world, expand their reach and build successful online coaching businesses. By bridging their chakra energy with intuitive business strategies, they are able to grow a business in a way that works for them.

What chakra personality type are you?

What sets you apart from any other soulpreneur? It’s the way you do things.


Learn what your most dominant chakra energy is and run your business from a place of alignment by embodying your chakra personality.

Cheers to taking the first step to (more) success in your online coaching business.


It may feel overwhelming, but we GOT YOU. 

We can’t wait to meet you through one of the above programs.

x Mai