We believe that:


The road of a soulpreneur is one of evolving, stretching, healing and growing yourself.


It is through these experiences that you have built the resilience and groundedness, to guide your (future) aligned client to the depth of themselves in a save way.


It is through these experiences that you now have the wisdom to help them touch upon the blind spots and know how to show them the way.


The true calling of a soulpreneur doesn’t lie in offering for example; massage therapy, yoga, gut healing, mindfulness, skin therapy, branding, marketing, art or holistic business coaching. These are just methods.


No, the true calling of a soulpreneur is guiding other souls towards healing, self-love, growth and eventually themselves.

Because of this process of becoming and crafting your soul’s work,


we don’t offer you ‘copy and paste’ business strategies that don’t match your energy.


We guide you in reclaiming your power, finding your voice, showing up authentically, making connection and from here attract and work with aligned clients.


Our mission is to help you build an online coaching business that gives you the freedom, joy and fulfilment you crave.

Our vision is that through and with you, we create a more healed and heart-centered world.

Hi, my name is Mai.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt that I wanted to help heart-centered souls reclaim the power and potential they possess, so they could impact the world around them in their own way.


But as an empath, high sensitive and creative person, my environment kept telling me that I wouldn’t make it as an entrepreneur. After finishing my bachelor’s in marketing, I felt they were right. I barely resonated with the things I learned in university because it didn’t feel intuitive at all.


I decided to learn all things holistic and got fascinated about the seven main chakras. I studied as much as I could about them and started to work with my own chakras to see what it could bring me. The moment I witnessed that I could heal old wounds and achieve any goal I set out for myself by embracing my chakra personality (I’m a 6th intuitive, 3rd leader, 5th influencer type), I knew I had to help others do the same.


This new-found passion has led me to become a soulpreneur. All the fears around building a business melted away because I trusted that I would figure out how to reach and work with aligned clients as long as I followed my chakras and applied the marketing study in my own way.


And I did.


Now I help other soulpreneurs (healers, wellness teachers, coaches and creatives) from all over the world do the same. By bridging their chakra energy with intuitive business strategies, they are able to see their own value, expand their reach and build successful online coaching businesses, just like I did.

Are you ready to reach the same?

Leave me a message and I’ll invite you for a free 45 min. Align My Mind assessment call to find out. 

x Mai