Hi Refined Rebel,


Thank you for using your gift to create change for the sake of the world.


Whether you’re using your magic to reduce pollution, animal harm, racism, gender inequality, or something else, it can be tiring and doubtful to try and move others into the same direction.


This is why we want to empower you to “Rock Your Balance”. To be able to find rest in the chaos and growth in the calm, that’s what we aim to teach you at Atelier Rebalance.


Return to your center whenever it is needed, and do what you were meant to do on this earth to create a better place.

Let’s join hands


We are what you’ve been looking for if you appreciate:

Are you someone who is eager to do everything, to grow yourself? If yes, let’s grow together.

Are you someone who feels you’re going against the status quo, even when you doubt yourself at times? If yes, let’s take care of your well-being together so you can bloom forward.

Do you have an idealistic vision for the world but a realistic approach to make that happen? If yes, let’s take care of your well-being together so you can create a better world.

Do you feel like you’ve never really fit in, with the way you view the world, your interests, ideas, sense of humor, etc.? If yes, I feel you. Let’s turn it into a potion together for the sake of the world.

Do you feel spirituality is about being conscious and is your goal to live each moment with intent? If yes, let’s use the wisdom of your chakras and make it happen.

Our Philosophy


Why do we take care of ourselves?
Is it purely for relaxation?
We believe it is much more than that.


We take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others.
We understand ourselves, to understand the people around us.
We believe the activities we practice surpass the walls of our home. 
It is these tools we use that move us from ‘I’ to ‘us’.


Join our movement.

Hi, my name is Mai.


As a young girl, I’ve seen many people around me surpassing their own well-being. This affected them and their environment negatively. I always thought, I would love to help them find peace and ease with rebalancing tools I intuitively did whenever I needed them. So, before I hit my thirties, I decided to build a company that would help others find their center again.


Like with many things in life, the moment you decide something, it is as though the next events in life are putting you through the test. I was met with multiple challenges in a short time span. It felt like I couldn’t make space to rebalance myself. Instead, I kept inventing new ways to carry myself forward and ended up feeling burned out.


Going through those events was everything but pleasant. However, it was the best time to practice what I wanted to preach. By working with my seven main chakras, I soon found my center again. I was able to create space from what has happened, including my thoughts and emotions. Day by day, I gained more energy, clarity and trust in what I was doing. From this state of being, I was able to build the wellness company I envisioned.


Now, I teach other refined rebels how to maintain balance, trust, growth and direction through chakra wellness, while building their conscious business.


Curious to see if we’re a match?


Leave me a message and I’ll invite you for a free call to find out. 


x Mai