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Ready to find clarity about work, relationships, potential endeavors, or finance?

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O1. Single Chakra Reading

Looking for guidance to set your next course? 

In this 90 minute reading:

  • I read your seven main chakras and I share all its messages.

  • We’ll take a close look at all your seven chakras.

  • You can ask questions.

  • I’ll offer practical tips when your chakras are asking for it.

You can book this in debt reading for just € 199,99.



O2. Combi-Chakra Reading

Appreciate another check-up after your initial reading?

This combi-reading offers:

  • One chakra reading of 90 minutes
  • One chakra reading of 60 minutes as a checkup (planned within two months after the full reading)
  • During the checkup: you can share your steps taken in the meantime + receive feedback / extra tips / ask questions
  • During the checkup: you receive insight in the current status of your chakras and can see if there’s a change, or additional info to keep you on the right track. Please note; we do a quick scan of all your chakras. The messages of the chakras that speak the ‘loudest’, will be shared (typically 1-3 chakras).
You can now book this combi-reading for just
€ 298,49 instead of
€ 331,65.