What Is Your Chakra Personality Type?


You’re about to find out which chakra is leading within your energy system. Please note that you have one dominant chakra and one or two that are second and third in lead.


These three chakra energies combined, show you your strengths, challenges and shadow side.

It tells you how you perceive and live life.


If you want to know all three dominant chakra energies and how you can reclaim your power by embodying your strengths and learn what situations trigger your shadow side, follow our 4 days mini training “Reclaim Your Power” to find out.


Through this quiz you’ll get an idea of which energy center is the main lead. The traits that are described in the result is the most archetypal example, so you get a picture of what the chakra represents.


Disclaimer: This quiz and the results are for entertainment purposes only. They are not by themselves tools for diagnosing any type of health or mental health condition.  


Select the answer that feels most true to you with the following statements. Let’s Start.
Boundaries? I got them. No hard feelings involved.
If I was a river, I’m flowing with ease in life.
Authenticity is something I value highly.
Giving and receiving is my second nature.
I feel free to express myself through multiple mediums.
Telling true from false? It’s a piece of cake for me.
It’s easy for me to let go of possessions.
I feel connected to myself, the people around me and my environment.
I have a healthy relationship with my emotions. I feel them, acknowledge them and set them free.
I know what I want in life and am able to set clear goals.
I accept myself fully, even with all my quirks. The same goes for accepting others.
When in conversation, I truly listen. I don’t listen to react.
It’s easy for me to make decisions. I either feel a big yes, or a big no.
I spend my days in true rest and silence within.
I trust myself and know that everything will work out eventually.
It is easy for me to access my creativity.
My knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses help me grow as a person.
Love, forgive, love, forgive, is what I live by.
I know when to speak and when to be silent. There’s no strain on either of it.
According to others I’m very sharp. I see situations clearly and can break it down for them. This is why most people come to me when there’s something going on.
Being in meditation is effortless to me.
Whatever that needs to be done, I got this.
Joy represents most of my days.
My determination overcomes any obstacles along the way.
I know that the love someone seeks, comes from within. Not from others.
I feel comfortable showing my true self.
Observation is my middle name.
I don’t feel attached to people, things or situations.
No wind, no rain, can move me. I’m as stable as a mountain.
Sharing intimacy with someone I deeply care about, comes natural to me.
I experience a healthy dose of confidence. One that doesn’t include overpowering others.
Compassion is something I feel for others and myself.
My neck and jaws are tension free.
I have been told that my intuition is spot on.
My approach to life is easy, gentle and uncomplicated.
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